Our codes of Conduct – transperency is our top priority

Traditional values such as precious metals are more than ever indispensable components of personal security.

The economic environment of the past few years has been characterised by great uncertainty. The financial and debt crisis has clearly confirmed that traditional values such as precious metals – especially physical gold and silver – are more than ever indispensable components of personal security. In order to procure these metals sustainably on the market and make them available for investment products, a reliable partner is needed. We provide these precious metals in highest purity and transparent origin from the secondary market or from certified partners. The responsible treatment of the environment throughout the entire supply chain and the recovery of precious metals from our recycling processes are the basis for our success.

Focus on the customer

We gain our clients‘ trust by putting them at the centre of everything we do. For our clients, we effectively identify their needs, protect their personal interests and handle personal data with care. Our aim is to understand our customers as best as we can and to meet their requirements with all our experience and passion, striving for a long-term customer relationship based on partnership. The focus here is also on our sustainable, responsible actions.

Compliance - in harmony with our guidelines

It is of utmost importance to us to always base business decisions on objective criteria such as quality, competitiveness, principles of good corporate governance, as well as on recognised standards. We are committed to full compliance with all regulations that affect our business. This includes, on the one hand, all external regulations in accordance with national and international laws, ordinances, guidelines and recommendations, as well as internal regulations based on our corporate policy. Furthermore, we adhere to all the regulations of the organisations of which we are members.

Certainly, we do not participate, even at the slightest appearance, in any business that can be traced back to criminal groups or is used for criminal purposes. We condemn human rights abuses of any kind and only do business with partners who share our values. We expect our suppliers to ensure safe and fair working conditions.

Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism

We are committed to preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing and take all measures to prevent this within our sphere of influence. To this end, we are committed to complying with all applicable national and international regulations. We only accept funds that come from unobjectionable sources and only do business with reputable business partners who are engaged in legal business activities. Our employees are regularly trained and the effectiveness of the measures we take is monitored. Our employees do not take any actions, either independently or in cooperation with third parties, that could violate applicable anti-money laundering laws.

Certified products

In line with our comprehensive sustainability strategy, we strive to achieve the globally recognised LBMA certification for our products. This certification is based on the LBMA Responsible Sourcing Guidance Documents, which we fully comply with. Furthermore, we are committed to processing Green Gold, which even exceeds the general certification requirements. Thus, for us, the environment and people are at the centre of all our actions.

Supply chain

When purchasing precious metals, we pay particular attention to a transparent supply chain and responsible procurement of raw materials. In this respect, we are committed to complying with the relevant applicable EU regulation and the existing OECD guidelines. By following these principles, we offer our customers the greatest possible clarification and security and therefore take appropriate measures to prevent the financing of terrorist activities. Above all, we support international efforts to clarify the sourcing and origin of precious metals. We therefore demand assurances from our suppliers that they will respect human rights, act in an ecologically responsible way and comply with labour laws.

Competition/Antitrust law

We are committed to the principles of the market economy and to the applicable laws for the protection of fair and equitable competition. Our employees therefore do not enter into any market-relevant agreements with competitors in particular on prices, offers, terms and conditions, sales quotas or market shares which aim at influencing the competitive behaviour of the respective competitors. Even the mere appearance of an infringement must be avoided.

Donations and sponsorings

We are aware of our responsibility and therefore support institutions, organisations and projects in the areas of culture, science, business and sports. Furthermore, we fund charitable, social and humanitarian projects with financial and in-kind donations and sponsoring. These must always be appropriate, transparent and in accordance with applicable law. All donations and sponsoring activities are only permitted within the framework of the applicable internal guidelines.

Fight against corruption

We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, embezzlement or blackmailing and prohibit any form of illegal influence. Employees must not accept or demand any financial or other benefits of value from third parties, or allow themselves to be promised such benefits, which could give the impression that they are influencing business decisions. Details are regulated in our internal guideline. If you are unclear, please contact the Compliance Officer.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest exists whenever official decisions are influenced by private interests. Our employees are obliged to separate private and business interests and to make unbiased decisions aligned to the interests of the company. Secondary professional activities must be reported at an early stage within the HR processes and must not conflict with the interests of the company. Details are regulated in our internal guideline. If you have any questions, please contact the Compliance Officer.

Discretion in handling information

In the performance of their duties, our employees observe their professional duty of confidentiality and protect confidential information as well as other information that comes to their knowledge in the course of their work. Discreet and confidential treatment of information disclosed to us by clients is self-evident for us. We also collect and process personal data in accordance with data protection laws.

Mutual respect

We create a working environment characterised by respect and commit to mutual responsibility and trust. As a united team, regardless of individual strength, we achieve more. Our greatest strength is our people. We value diversity of people, opinions, perspectives and know-how, so we work closely with colleagues inside and outside our divisions to achieve our goals together. We stand for safety in the workplace and comply with all occupational health and safety regulations.

Sustainability and responsibility

We comply with all legal requirements and are committed to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in all our business areas. We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment and health. We do this by reducing waste and emissions, using energy efficiently, minimising occupational health risks and producing safe products. It is important to us to consider not only the environmental risks and social impacts of our business, but also the impacts of the business practices of our suppliers and products. We stand for Sustainable Gold. This means that the mining of precious metals is extensively audited and documented with regard to ethically correct framework conditions.

Risk culture

Careful consideration and identification of risks is an essential part of our corporate culture of our business units. In particular, the following areas are covered: Production, Environment and Trading. We minimise risks, act accordingly and rely on independent and effective compliance and audit procedures.

Compliance system

The compliance unit, which reports exclusively to our top management, supports the implementation of the Code of Conduct and the compliance regulations and monitors their observance. Our staff is regularly trained and the effectiveness of the measures we have taken is scrutinised. We have a whistle-blower system so that any suspicious cases can be reported anonymously.

If you are unclear or have any questions, please contact the Compliance Officer at any time.

We are proud to represent these values.