To secure precious metals philoro GLOBAL TRADING provides flexible funding solutions.

Exploration & Development

philoro looks at new projects, but with a focus on those with less than two years to production. In this category we look for experienced project teams that invest in the projects for the longer term.


philoro has the financial backing to support large and medium sized operations. Our portfolio is typically split 70/15/15*, with 70% focused on securing production from Tier 1 operators in stable regions and 15% allocated to smaller operators with unique value propositions. *see Pre-pay & Trading

Tailings & Rock dumps

philoro invests in projects that have a positive net environmental impact. Saying this we expect the same level of due diligence on these projects and therefore require detailed studies with credible basis for estimating recoveries.

New Technology

philoro collaborates with technology partners to offer alternative funding solutions. We work with technology providers who are incentivized longer term to ensure their solutions deliver value and, on this basis, philoro can secure products from the operations.

Solutions for ASM

philoro understands the challenges associated to ASM’s, and is committed to working with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to establish frameworks to support responsible ASM’s. We are open to collaborate with communities, NGO’s and other participants to build alternative solutions that ensures inclusivity and fairness.

Pre-pay & Trading

15% of the portfolio is reserved for trading and pre-payment solutions for product. We have a broad network of aggregators and smaller refineries that we work with. We can support companies with forward payments for product where the risks associated can be managed.


philoro through its Co-investor model works with partners who share similar objectives in order to, provide greater finance to worthy partners and projects.


Simplifying the Investment Process

To ensure efficiency, philoro GLOBAL TRADING would like to share the following about their Investment Decision process.

We run a thorough KYC process with verification on all parties that will be associated. To be successful we require absolute transparency upfront.

For all longer-term investments we will complete a full Due Diligence. By providing Competent Person (SAMREC, JORC, 43-101, etc.) reports we can expedite this process.

For pre-pay deals with new suppliers, we will need a form of security for initial transactions, and we will need to verify your suppliers and risk management process (inline with OECD guidelines).

1. Initiate KYC

On confirming the likelihood of a formal interaction with a counterparty kick-off KYC

1.1 Notify Compliance Team

1.2 Clarify all parties involved

1.3 Issue pGT KYC forms*

1.4 Complete basic verification of details

1.5 Coordinate receipt of verified copies

2. Perform due diligence

2.1 Perform screening

2.2 Conduct risk assessment

2.3 Apply risk rating


5. ENHANCED due diligence

3. Decision

3.1 Approve counterparty and greenlight to formally engage


Approve with conditions to be satisfied (ongoing monitoring)



4. Ongoing Verification

4.1. Ongoing verification triggered by:

  • Material change in context related to the counterparty or deals
  • Material change in volumes or sources of precious metals
  • Other risks / flags
  • Annual Management Review

*The KYC Forms and Risk Assessment Template are revised to stay up to date with changing regulations, expectations and newly identified risks


Trade in secondary products in cooperation with philoro MELTING & REFINING GmbH