We provide highest Quality with highest environmental and ethical standards.

philoro GLOBAL TRADING is a young and dynamic Swiss company specialising in the global procurement, trading, and recycling of precious metals.

Innovative and forward-looking, it is tapping into new profitable resources and expanding rapidly. We supply production companies with the raw material, recyclers with the necessary scrap gold, silver and other precious metals, and traders with the final product. We trust in a cycle of steady growth.

„Green gold“ The philoro GROUP has been committed to ethical, social and ecological sustainability for years

Mining and processing of gold follow high ethical, ecological and social standards. It is essential for the philoro GROUP that the mines comply with the respective national laws and the guidelines of the OECD, the LBMA and that they demonstrate a transparent supply chain. We are always striving to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

When purchasing precious metals, we pay particular attention to a transparent supply chain and responsible procurement of raw materials.

In this respect, we are committed to complying with the relevant applicable EU regulation and the existing OECD guidelines. By following these principles, we offer our customers the greatest possible clarification and security and therefore take appropriate measures to prevent the financing of terrorist activities. Above all, we support international efforts to clarify the sourcing and origin of precious metals.

We offer up-to-date, transparent and fair prices. The highest quality standards for products and service have made the company one of the European market leaders in precious metals trading.

We trust in a cycle of steady growth.

Partner for traditional values such as precious metals.

Stream financing is an important part of the financial ecosystem.

For our clients, we effectively identify their needs, protect their personal interests and handle personal data with care.