Committed to ethical, social and ecological sustainability for years

We expect our suppliers to ensure safe and fair working conditions. 

Mining and processing of gold follow high ethical, ecological and social standards. It is essential for the philoro GROUP that the mines comply with the respective national laws and the guidelines of the OECD, the LBMA and that they demonstrate a transparent supply chain. Through extensive audits, we ensure that all precious metals come from socially and ethically acceptable sources and that the legal requirements are met. 

Our Social Responsibilty

„Green Gold“, and the mining and processing of gold meet high ethical, ecological and social standards.

Our own philoro ethics catalogue defines our gold guidelines. We condemn human rights violations of any kind and only enter into business relationships which represent like-minded values.

We are aware of our responsibility and therefore support institutions, organisations and projects in the areas of culture, science and business and sports.

Furthermore, we fund charitable, social and humanitarian projects with financial and in-kind donations and sponsoring. These must always be appropriate, transparent and in accordance with applicable law. All donations and sponsoring activities are only permitted within the framework of the applicable internal guidelines.

Consequently, mine operators must prove that they meet the certified environmental and social criteria.  We work hard to ensure that our impact on the environment and health is kept to a minimum. We achieve this by reducing waste and emissions, using energy efficiently, minimising occupational health risks and producing sustainable products. 

Responsibility towards the environment

We are always striving to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

The responsible treatment of the environment throughout the entire supply chain and the recovery of precious metals through recycling processes are part of our programme. 

We are always striving to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible and are planning, in accordance with philoro MELTING & REFINING, to obtain all important environmental certificates, which regulate the implementation of measures to rehabilitate the ecosystem. 

Our Mission and our Vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote responsible and sustainable projects through financial investments and to enable our customers to achieve sustainable prosperity and value preservation with our products. We offer up-to-date, transparent and fair prices. The highest quality standards for products and service have made the company one of the European market leaders in precious metals trading.

Our Vision

Our vision is to further consolidate and expand our position as a recognised full-service provider in the field of precious metal investment. Customer satisfaction is our motivation and with our sustainable corporate philosophy we also want to create lasting values for future generations.